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August 7, 2019

TheVentureCity Fund invests in leading customer research platform, EnjoyHQ

TheVentureCity Team

TheVentureCity Fund invests in leading customer research platform, EnjoyHQ

With EnjoyHQ, teams can now make the most of their UX investment by centralizing research alongside customer data

TheVentureCity is excited to announce our partnership and investment in EnjoyHQ. EnjoyHQ is fully distributed with team members located in the US, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Japan. The team has built the leading customer research platform used by UX research teams around the world including Contentful, UserTesting, and GrubHub.

The importance of user experience has been demonstrated countless times in recent history. Companies like Netflix and Amazon have taken significant market share away from traditional competitors by optimizing how users interact with their products. The subscription economy has created huge incentives for businesses to prioritize their relationship with customers, and by extension the importance of understanding customer wants and needs on a deep, holistic level.

B2B software companies are prioritizing user experience more than ever given the impact a first experience has on future purchasing decisions. According to a recent study by NNG, one bad user experience can decrease a user’s likelihood to purchase by up to 40%, resulting in significant opportunity costs when extrapolated out over a customer’s lifetime value.

Forrester expects overall investment in UX to more than double in the next 5 years as companies of all shapes and sizes continue to differentiate through experience. EnjoyHQ is perfectly positioned to help teams make the most of their UX investment by centralizing research alongside customer data in their newest product, EnjoyHQ Enterprise.

Sofía Quintero, EnjoyHQ CEO and founder.

“The previous three industrial revolutions changed the way consumers and companies consumed, creating a completely new demand for the way products are built (e.g. for instance, think of the rise of electronics during the third industrial revolution in the 70s). The same way, the 4th Industrial Revolution today, led by the digital economy, requires a radical new approach to build products that satisfy the demand of digital consumers and users. And what is the most important factor for a product to be successful? Understanding your customers, which is precisely the problem that EnjoyHQ solves at scale,” says Andy Areitio, TheVentureCity’s partner.

“Now, the digital economy is close to account for 10% of the US’s GDP, so the need for large enterprises have to rethink the way they build products is already here. But what really triggered our decision to invest in EnjoyHQ was the relentless passion, the understanding, and the technical capabilities that Sofía and Lucas, founders of EnjoyHQ, have,” he remarks.

The launch of EnjoyHQ Enterprise will help organizations scale their research operations and reinforce customer driven culture. Teams with tens or even hundreds of researchers can use EnjoyHQ as their collective brain, helping to make connections between research findings and driving customer empathy by empowering and enabling UX teams to share insights throughout their organizations.

While building software continues to get faster and easier, building amazing user experiences requires investment in research, design, and a developed understanding of customers. Putting a process and EnjoyHQ behind user research helps world-class UX teams discover insights faster and build better experiences. Sign up for a free trial of EnjoyHQ Enterprise today.

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