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May 20, 2021

Tucuvi, uMore, and join the team!

TheVentureCity Team

The family keeps growing! This time we welcome three more startups to the mix. Two in the area of healthtech and one in cybersecurity. Tucuvi, based in Spain, is a telehealth platform that facilitates care for elderly patients. An AI-powered voice assistant holds natural conversations with patients via phone calls while analyzing seniors’ constants and behaviors to generate wellbeing patterns.uMore is an AI-powered mental well-being tracker born in Dubai - UAE, that helps users build positive habits, change behaviours and share progress with friends and’s AI-powered, predictive software spots malicious domain lists before they become active.  Based in France, they are helping companies defend themselves from future attacks.

We asked each founder what were the driving forces that inspired them to create these companies:

María González Manso, Tucuvi CoFounder and CEO -  “Inequalities in access in digital health. There are huge gaps in care in elderly and chronic patients, because of the lack of enough healthcare workforce to cover their high demanding care needs and because the technology being developed is not accesible for this personas. Because of that, millions of people are having bad health outcomes and the healthcare systems are not sustainable.”

Maria de Freitas, Founder and CEO of uMore - “Like many around the world, my family was affected by COVID-19. My sister became ill and, due to isolation, struggled with her mental health. I felt hopeless that I could not help her. That’s what brought us to build uMore, a tool not only for her but all living in isolation.”

Luigi Lenguito, Founder and CEO of - “Our mission was to develop cybersecurity to a preventive posture, leaving detection and response where it can't be done otherwise. Do you remember Minority Report, the movie? In April 2054, Washington DC's prototype "PreCrime" police department prevents murders, via three clairvoyant humans ("Precogs") attached to a computer, who have an innate ability to "previsualize" crimes before the offending suspect even begins the fatal deed. Inspired by it we build technology to prevent Cyber Crimes and avoid damage to Networks and Brands.”For the next few months, TheVentureCity team will help these startups achieve their full potential; working as a team and providing our resources and expertise in the areas of product-led growth, data analysis, product engineering, culture, and more. Keep an eye on them!

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