June 9, 2022

Founder Spotlight: Erudit

TheVentureCity Team

Erudit helps organizations identify & prevent burnout 

Erudit empowers the C-Suite to make data-driven decisions around employee sentiment to prevent burnout and boost retention. By better understanding their human capital through reliable, real-time analysis on teams and departments, managers can make decisions that are good for both their company and their people. 

Alejandro Martinez Agenjo is the Founder and CEO of Erudit.

“We are seeing an opportunity to help companies with the ongoing employee exodus. The Great Resignation has added significant pressure on managers to retain talent. On top of this, continued remote work poses challenges for leaders to motivate, build, and manage workforces that are continually aligned, productive and happy. In this shifting environment, it is more important than ever, as well as economical, to focus on talent retention.” 

Erudit dreams of a future where teams are happy, healthy, and thriving through cutting-edge technology, boosting #TalentRetention.


A winning sales strategy

From last quarter, Q4 2022, Erudit increased their revenue by over 250% in Q1. Key to Erudit’s success has been a focus on continuous improvement of their product through cutting-edge AI, and an optimization of their Sales strategy. They set short-term milestones, and evangalized the product with laser focus on their ideal customer. For Alejandro, success in Sales means “being a strong listener, asking the right questions to produce an outcome that is mutually beneficial for both parties.“

When discussing G2M, Alejandro believes in an ambitious long-term vision, and a readiness to adapt at each stage of growth. He uses a video game analogy; what gets you to one level won’t get you to the next one. 

An interesting learning that points to the changing market, is HR and People teams are not the only champions of Erudit. CFOs love it too, given the expectation that through the tool, they can avoid attrition and reduce the costs associated with high employee turnover. According to Forbes, the cost of losing 1 employee equals 33% of that employee’s annual salary. Erudit plays to the priorities of leaders in both People and Finance - a tool good for people and the bottom line.

What’s next for Erudit

Erudit is doubling down on the CFO & CRO customer at the enterprise level. To serve these customers, Erudit will build revenue/financial tools to correlate people data predictions with revenue and P&L. Additionally, they will be refining their AI and NLP architecture for scalability and efficiency.