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Our ticket size ranges from $100-500k for Pre-seed/Seed and $1-4M for Series A companies. We're in search of promising founders with product-driven mindsets who have a passion for building. Those who've fallen in love with data. For we believe in fit---both product and with the team here. Got a great idea? Come to TheVentureCity and give it the expertise to help it grow.

We seek founders who share our DNA

We champion innovative thinking in every aspect of what we do. When we recognize it, we stop at nothing to help you realize your vision. It's why we like to say promising founders and their companies find a home at TheVentureCity.

As founders and operators turned funders, we're seeking those who:
· Are mission-driven and obsessed with their customers
· Have a Product mindset and are Data-driven
· Are visionaries and fantastic at execution

We invest in two different stages,
following these criteria


Rounds: pre-seed/Seed
Our ticket: $100-500k
Founding team in place
MVP with first customers
Insights from Growth Scanner

Series A

Rounds: pre-Series A/Series A
Our ticket: $1-4M
Evidence of product/market fit
Healthy Growth
Insights from Growth Scanner

TheVentureCity Value

We are ready to help you scale, right now:
· Founder insights across product, growth, data and engineering teams
· Strategic fund-raising insights tailored to your startup
· A proven data-centric model unique to your signals
· Collaborative data analysis with our team of experts
· A strategic international footprint from the US to EMEA to LatAm to to help startups build and scale faster and more effectively
· Growth Scanner, which delivers meaningful insights and analytics to inform our investment decisions and power your product-led growth
· Access to a curated network of mentors and partners
· Connections to a top tier family of investors
· +$200k in select benefits with our network of first tier partners