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June 15, 2020

Six startups join TheVentureCity’s Growth Program

TheVentureCity Team

AdLaunch (Advertising), Squadra (Productivity), Uniwhere (EdTech), FixMe (Wellness), Fuell (FinTech), and WeFish (Sportech) joined our Growth Program during the coronavirus pandemic.

Onboarding took place between April and May this year. "Due to Covid-19, this is the first time we have done the onboarding of startups remotely, even though the program can be followed completely remotely,” explains Andrés Dancausa, VP of the Growth Program EMEA at TheVentureCity. He also adds, "It has become quite a challenge for the team as we have invested in all six companies without having met the founders in person.” The five companies that joined during the first two months of the year received the onboarding in person.

  • AdLaunch  a SaaS platform that allows users to quickly create advertising videos with artificial intelligence. Based in Finland, operating across the EU, AdLaunch was founded by Joel Hypén (CEO), an award winning media production and IP expert with 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, and Marko Nylund (CTO), an avid technologist with 9 years of experience in IT administration and Dev Ops. While Advertising Tech is a crowded space, we see a growing number of marketers who need to use videos as the best performing assets, optimizing across their networks. It is a highly visual world. AdLaunch has a strong engineering team and the ability to move quickly. We believe with their focus in analytics, they will be able to penetrate the market and achieve fast adoption.
  • Squadra helps teams measure and improve the motivation of its members in a simple and fun way, sharing moments of excellence as they happen. Based in Barcelona, the team  led by Monica  Rani Chitnis (Founder&CEO) gained a lot of experience in the field of relationship analytics by working as consultants on the subject before deciding to put all that knowledge into one software tool.
  • Uniwhere  builds an app that makes college less stressful, more predictable and remote- friendly. Based in Italy and also operating in Germany, it has been included among the top 100 startups in Berlin. It was founded by Gianluca Segato (CEO).We have been continuously impressed with Uniwhere´s degree of professional, data-driven mindset and openness to learn. All well suited qualities for TheVentureCity´s Growth Program.
  • FixMe  is a platform that allows users to book personal training, physiotherapy or massage sessions, at home or online, less than an hour in advance. Based in Spain, also operating in Colombia, FixMe was founded by María Luque, Xandra Etxabe, and Miguel Álvarez two years ago.
  • Fuell  is a card issuer with software that makes it easy for companies to manage expenses. Founders are serial entrepreneurs Daniel Seijo and Eduardo Ortiz de Lanzagorta (who lived in San Francisco).  "We founded Fuell because we believe we can provide an important service to the world reinventing B2B financial products to boost prosperity (far beyond the developed countries). Our goal with Fuell Corporate Card is to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to efficiently work towards their purpose."
  • WeFish  is the most complete fishing app on the market. Based in Spain, operating worldwide, it was founded by Alberto Manuel López Martínez, Manuel García and Daniel Agoiz Badia. WeFish aims to continue growing in Latin America and expand in the USA with TheVentureCity.

These six companies are part of the 11 startups that joined our Growth Program in H1 2020. "To date we have already accelerated a total of 34 startups from around the world including Tonicapp, Peoople, Dixper, uSizy and Woom," adds Andrés Dancausa. "We want to continue helping companies discover what they still don't know about their business and their market, with data and a growth plan, and the first step is to find the knowledge holes to learn how to solve them and interpret data".As for reasons to join our program, FixMe team declared "TheVentureCity have an incredible team and resources that will be the best way to keep growing our startup. We value that the team has founders of startups and people with entrepreneurial experience, who have been in the fight of this environment. We can have great learnings from you to be better founders and executors." Fuell founders added "We know we will be a better company and better entrepreneurs with The Venture City at our side: like-minded people who share our values and have our entrepreneurial DNA to take the road less traveled, go the exta mile and do something that has never been done before."We are excited to welcome these passionate and curious teams.Benvinguts, Benvenutti, Tervetuloa, Bienvenidos, Welcome!

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