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June 23, 2023

Our Investment in Tansley

Joaquín Razetto

We are thrilled to announce our investment in Tansley, the house of passion-driven commerce. Tansley is creating consumer ecosystems that lead to more fulfilling lives. The key driver of its success is tapping into consumers' emotional connection to their interests and hobbies, and making products available through an omnichannel approach (e-commerce + brick & mortar) and adjacent services. The majority of sales are generated from their online channel, and they aim to become worldwide leaders in consumer data.

Tansley is already expanding across several verticals such as Sports (Futbol Emotion), Pets (Guaw), Art & Crafts (Milbby) and Books (Bookish’).


We participated in a €15 million investment round led by GPF Capital, enabling Tansley to execute its ambitious growth plan in the coming years. This is our second injection of capital in the company - we’ve invested in a previous round in January 2022 through our seed vehicle. We have strong conviction in the team, having followed founder Javier Osa since his first company, Kiwoko, which he took to become the leading retailer in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest omnichannel pet retailers in the world. Now, with Tansley, he is creating an operating system for retail: Team expertise, tech platform, customer support and central services for the group.


This is a group that is being built on the basis of values, people and its customers, and which has proven itself to be able to deliver value quickly and effectively, initially across Spain, Portugal and soon Italy with brick & mortar stores, and globally through its online stores. The acquisition of Futbol Emotion last year is a great example of this. Tansley also went from 0 to €100 million in sales in less than 2 years. With a liquidity crunch and increased cost of debt, there will be good M&A opportunities for a team like Tansley’s to capitalize and expand to new countries in Europe (northern countries) and Latam (Mexico, Argentina, Colombia). 

“Two main pillars of our philosophy as a VC are to be data-driven and invest in the team - which is why we are so enthusiastic about Tansley. Their team has done it before and they are focused on leveraging data to produce results. This is a perfect combination and made investing in Tansley a no-brainer for TheVentureCity.” - Laura González-Estéfani, Founder and CEO of TheVentureCity.


In a first for TheVentureCity, and due to our unwavering belief in the team and the company, we decided to create a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to co-invest alongside our Fund II. This strategic move not only allows us to extend the opportunity to our existing investors but also presents an exciting chance for new investors to participate in Tansley’s growth journey. We hope to continue offering these amazing opportunities to our investors!


“Securing additional funding marks a key milestone in our journey to fuel Tansley's expansion plans and drive growth in our target markets. We are thrilled and deeply grateful for the continued support of our investors, specifically with GPF Capital and TheVentureCity, who have reaffirmed their commitment to our company's growth. With this infusion of funds, we will strategically allocate resources to strengthen our operations, consolidate our presence in some countries by acquiring strategic brands, and expand into new markets such as Northern Europe and Mexico. Our team is highly motivated and ready to seize this opportunity and catapult each of our group's companies towards exceptional achievements.” - Javier Osa, Founder and CEO of Tansley.

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