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March 7, 2019

TheVentureCity, founded by women. Created for everyone

TheVentureCity Team

Women in Tech should be the new normal

Laura González - Estéfani, Founder and CEO of The Venture City, and Clara Bullrich, cofounder.

In the latest report published by RateMyInvestor and Diversity VC shows that the majority of venture capital investment goes towards companies led by men who are mostly white, educated in an Ivy League school and who live in Silicon Valley. At TheVentureCity we don’t meet any of these requirements, we are different in many aspects and when it comes to diversity…we are proudly atypical!

In 2017, Laura González-Estéfani and Clara Bullrich joined forces to create TheVentureCity. Inspired by the need for transparency, diversity and equity in the tech industry, they decided that it was time to create their own company. With that in mind, they set out to look for dreamers all around the world that wanted to join them in this adventure. Thanks to their vision, the company was born, and we can proudly say that it’s a company that promotes diversity and above all, the access to opportunities.

We are obsessed with data and growth but we have not been as focused on data related to gender diversity thus far, not because it’s not important, but with two female founders, we had the gender equity ingrained in the DNA of our organization. The allocation of men and women that work at TheVentureCity is equitable. We hire based on one rule alone — their talent. We have searched for the best candidate for each role, without taking anything else into account.

At TheVentureCity we understand that we can only succeed with equal opportunities within the complex world we live in. Our gender equality allows us to have an inclusive workspace, fostering creativity and long-term relationships between team members and the ecosystem we serve. It’s a well-known fact that companies with higher gender diversity obtain better overall results. What else can we ask for?

As we mentioned, we are obsessed with data and growth. We have created a heterogeneous team with different points of view, comprised of people from nine different nationalities who know that the future of talent requires an open mindset. We would also like the companies in our portfolio, the ones we back with our venture fund, the ones who are part of our acceleration programs, our service providers, our partners, all of them, to share this culture as well.

We are well aware that just thinking this way is not enough. We would like to see more companies led by women. For this reason, we are moving forward with a proposal by Mónica Simó Black, our partner for the Americas fund, to explicitly prioritize working with startups who have women in leadership roles, either founders or executives with decision-making power. We know it’s just a small step, but we hope it will encourage founders to create more diverse teams and inspire other funds to follow in our footsteps.

Equality and inclusiveness are fundamental values to provide access to equal opportunities. Without them, we wouldn’t be TheVentureCity. We are dreamers, but we are executors too! As dreamers, we imagine a more inclusive world, and we will keep fighting so our dream becomes a bit more of a reality each day. Let’s do it!

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