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November 15, 2023

Announcing AHA - The Latest Product Built By TheVentureCity

TheVentureCity Team

From the day we were founded, we’ve been driven by our vision to challenge the status quo of Venture Capital. Our approach involves not just a global presence spanning the US, Europe, and Latam, but also an in-house team of data scientists, product managers, and engineers. In fact, part of our management fees go towards building our very own products to help our founders and our team’s day-to-day portfolio management - certainly something truly unique among VCs.

Last year, we launched Growth Scanner - our first product, offering founders invaluable insights from seasoned operators in the tech world, spanning two decades of industry highs and lows. And this year we are excited to introduce our second product: AHA.

What is AHA?

AHA is our GenAI product that lets founders get real-world advice for their startups, simulating a conversation with TheVentureCity investment team. It offers tactical advice, like playbooks and hacks, based on operator and investment experience gathered directly from investors, portfolio companies, founders, and ecosystem partners.

AHA goes beyond simple Q&A - it engages in insightful convos where founders can share their struggles, traction, ideas, and anything else about their unique situations. It asks targeted questions to help founders uncover crucial insights for their startups and will challenge them to be their best. Some real examples:

As María Dancausa, Product Manager here at TheVentureCity says, “AI is a tangible ally in the journey of product development. We aim to extend our knowledge, feedback, and ideas far beyond our immediate community through this new, yet already prolific technology. This marks just the beginning of how our team's wisdom will interoperate across our existing and upcoming products for tomorrow. Stay tuned.”

Solving A Real Problem

Launching a successful startup should be easier than ever with the abundance of resources available, from articles to books to podcasts to YouTube videos and more, on almost every topic imaginable. However, our experience with launching Growth Scanner reveals that founders need more than just information. They crave expert feedback tailored to their unique situation, which can only be obtained through dynamic conversations. Startup success is an art, not an exact science, and founders require tailored feedback to assess their strengths, address weaknesses, and prioritize effectively. This is exactly why we built Aha.

The Origins of AHA - Investing by building

One of our key principles is investing in technologies we understand from our previous operator experience. The more you understand the technology, the better investing decisions you make.

It goes without saying that GenAI is fundamentally changing the world in a variety of ways and it is critical to learn as much about this once-in-a-generation (no pun intended) technology to best understand it. As former founders and operators ourselves, we know there is no better way to learn about something than by building. Doing this keeps us on our toes and the empathy for founders flowing.

We want to be clear - it's the first stage of this product. Just like our founders, we are releasing something that isn’t perfect so that we can learn and iterate on it. It’s an experiment that comes from our prototype mentality. The product will grow from the knowledge of the community.

Where AHA Is Headed

As we mentioned, we’re in the early beta phase of our product, and we're eager to hear your feedback, improve it, and ultimately, make AHA the go-to tool for founders looking for guidance from VCs. Future plans include integrating AHA with Growth Scanner and opening up even more exciting opportunities for feedback based on real-time data and analytics.

Only by trying it founders can experience the transformative potential of AHA, and this is the only way we can learn how to improve it. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Special acknowledgments to some members of our community that have helped us to get here: Elias Torres - thank you for your support and fast advice! Thank you to our founders for all your feedback Juan @Boopos,  Fernando @Tucuvi, Mauricio @Eventtia, Iñaki @Usizy, Xandra @Uelz, Alex @Dixper, José Pablo @Vértebra, Edu @Fuell, Gorka @Snab, Glaydston @Coodesh, Andy @3verse Lab, Alex @Smowltech, Kory @Legal Karma, Cheryl @Tiny Health, Rapha @Brandlovrs, Edu @Returnly, Rodrigo @Recargapay, Arjun @Rocket, Alan @Beams, and many more. Also, thank you to our team, Robert, Andryi, David, María, and specially JP!!

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