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December 9, 2020

Suscrip, Smowltech and Wisecut start their journey in our Product-Led Growth Program

TheVentureCity Team

Make that 3 more! Impressed? We are too! Three new startups joined our Product-Led Growth Program this November. The tally now adds up to a total of 25 companies in 2020, and a grand total of 52 in the program’s lifetime. But who’s counting? We are!These new additions represent a new milestone for TheVentureCity, surpassing the 50th startup mark to join our Program. With our team’s diverse expertise, we have worked with each startup to build and scale great products while at the same time highlighting the importance of a strong culture and values. In addition to that, two of the startups, Suscrip and Smowltech, were selected to join the Program after their participation in the first edition of Product-Led Growth Week held earlier in October 2020.TheVentureCity would like to welcome the following members to our family:In EMEA: Suscrip (Fintech – Spain) and Smowltech (Edtech – Spain). In America: Wisecut (Video Editing / AI – Brazil).Our VP of Startup Growth in EMEA, Fernando Dal Re, says “We are very happy to welcome Smowltech, Suscrip and Wisecut to our family of 50+ startups in TheVenturecity. These founders and companies are a good representation of what we strive to find, fund and help grow at TheVentureCity: a diverse group of passionate tech founders, with ambitious missions and the willingness to make those happen. In the next five months, we will work together with them in bringing them closer to the next growth phase in their journeys, and we couldn't be more excited."Through our Product-Led Growth Program, we have invested a total of 2.8 million euros in visionary founders who have launched startups that provide innovative solutions to their communities and sectors. We continue to scout young companies with double-digit growth in traction, product adoption, or user engagement, but more importantly, companies that solve an actual problem for their customer.Gabriel Ayala, founder and CEO of the newly induced Suscrip, remarked, “A fund that pays you to learn and grow, what else can you ask for? The question should be, why join other VCs instead of The Venture City?”

Let’s get to know the new members of our family:
Company logo_ Suscrip app

Suscrip is a subscription sharing service that allows you to track, split, and collect payments for any digital subscription, bill, or expense you share with friends, family, or even strangers. You can split anything from your electricity bill to your Netflix subscription! Subscrip also offers anonymous subscription sharing, which allows users to split a subscription with any Suscrip member, lowering their monthly price.

Smowltech is an automated online proctoring solution for online exams. Using an AI algorithm to verify the identity of the online user, they specialize in the development of solutions for the supervision of online evaluations, supporting organizations to improve the integrity and credibility of their online classes or training. Human & machine validation are combined to guarantee all the results!

Wisecut uses AI and voice recognition to edit videos. It automatically removes long pauses, creates subtitles, and smart background music that perfectly fits the video. In just a few minutes, the user receives an edited video ready to be shared. Wisecut also allows users to tweak their videos, generating a storyboard based on speech, where users can edit the video by simply editing the text. No video editing skills needed or hours in front of a computer!We chose these startups because of their unique products, talented team, and great potential to grow. For the next 5 months, we will put all our knowledge and tools at their disposal and work alongside them to build future iguanacorns.If you want to join our Product-Led Growth Program, apply here!

Suscrip Team
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