June 16, 2022

Founder Spotlight: Base

TheVentureCity Team

There is a growing trend of patients, especially women and people of color, who experience “medical gaslighting” (NY Times). Their concerns are quickly dismissed, and the impact can be life-threatening (WebMD). Imagine a world where you can take charge of your wellbeing through reports requested by you as a patient, 1-on-1 clinical support, and a plan backed by data. This is the future that Lola and her team at Base are building. Individuals can truly “stop guessing and start measuring”.

A primary care physician would have never ordered a cortisol test to measure my stress. Base revealed below optimal levels of cortisol at night, contributing to fatigue. With a balanced plan to improve, including adrenal + zinc supplements, I have seen positive changes in subsequent tests and energy levels.

About Base

Base is a nutritional science app paired with at-home lab testing and data. Base helps members understand and improve their health. Here is it works, all an in-app experience:

  1. Set a goal (diet, sleep, fatigue, stress) 
  2. Take a goal-oriented at-home test 
  3. Get a personalized nutrition & lifestyle plan to improve (80% of customers are outside of optimal levels)

 Base was founded by Lola Priego, an engineer and “med school dropout” – a badge she wears with pride.

 "It's encouraging to fix people's problems. From fatigue, weight loss, to better leveraging their hormone and nutrient data, we help members start measuring and stop guessing. Being a first-category product is hard, but it's worth it when you see the positive impact on people's lives. We aim to make healthcare more personalized and accessible."


Helping patients decode their symptoms

Base allows you to dive deep into your health and wellness via personalized care. Once lab results are complete, you receive a lifestyle and nutrition plan, and access to doctors via 1:1 sessions is provided. Many members are discovering the root cause of their ongoing symptoms for the first time. 

According to Nick, “I had no idea that my fatigue was a result of sub optimal hbA1c levels until my journey with Base. My levels also indicated that I was pre-diabetic. Luckily, I found out exactly what steps to take to reverse the situation before it was too late.”


What’s next for Base

  • Product recommendations: Improve recommendations and personalization of the Base plan. Suggest additional tests based on medical recommendations.
  • Scale GTM: Reach users through employer channels (health benefits), and scale nutritionist affiliate partners.
  • Products Marketplace: Help users improve their nutrition with grocery lists (in beta). Users receive recommended food and/or supplements from their personalized plan and can add-to-cart on Amazon.