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July 13, 2020

Meetfox, Coachbetter, eCustoms, Kronte, Trakto and, welcome to TheVentureCity

TheVentureCity Team

It has only been a month since the last time we added companies to our acceleration program. In total, there are 17 startups that have joined our Growth Program in 2020. In July, six became part of our family. In EMEA: Meetfox (Austria), Coachbetter (Switzerland), eCustoms and Kronte (Spain). In America: Trakto (Brazil) and (USA).Despite the weeks starring Covid-19, we continue to invest. We are fully commited to startups.With these additions, the total investment we have made through our Growth Program is close to two million euros. In this program, we focus on young companies with double digit growth.Andrés Dancausa, VP Growth Accelerator EMEA, highlights the great value of these additions: “Despite going through these difficult times caused by COVID, we have seen significant growth in these companies. We see this growth as a much more meaningful move and we expect it to go further in the coming months and in the longer term. It is the perfect time for these companies to come out stronger. ”

Let's Welcome them!

Meetfox Helps Professionals simplify your schedule and monetize your time through online meetings. With an easy-to-use solution, professionals included in your calendar to facilitate scheduling, run online meetings without the need to download any other software, and receive your time payment instantly. MeetFox is the only solution needed to run an online business.● Coachbetter Platform offering training packages and activities, a team management section, as well as a high-quality knowledge pool. It offers a video analysis section, where coaches can simply upload videos and tag individual players.● Kronte. Connecting gamers with businesses, Kronte offers data analytics-based solutions for the entire gaming and e-sports industry.● eCustoms Provides frictionless and transparent cross-border operations through a global service with local resources. eCustoms digitizes the customs clearance process to simplify and accelerate the flow of information among all those interested in international trade.● Trakto It is the first and only online publisher in Latin America. It allows companies and professionals to create marketing and sales material easily, intuitively and in just a few clicks. Companies have a "white label" version that they can customize. For end users, it has 100% editable templates with a professional design.● It is a platform that allows companies in the hospitality sector to automate voice conversations with customers using Artificial Intelligence.

With these new additions, there are already 17 companies that are in the program in 2020

Squadra (Productivity), Uniwhere (EdTech), AdLaunch (Advertising), WeFish (Sportech), FixMe (Wellness), and Fuell (FinTech) joined the Growth Proman during the coronavirus crisis. Before, between the months of February and March, it was the turn of Explorest (TravelTech), (Security), LessonBee (EdTech), Airning (TravelTech) and Bitphy (AIRetail).[caption id="attachment_3031" align="alignright" width="266"]

coachbetter team[/caption][caption id="attachment_3027" align="alignright" width="349"]

Trakto Team[/caption][caption id="attachment_3025" align="alignright" width="308"]

Kronte Founders[/caption]

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