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September 20, 2022

How Growth Scanner Helps Unlock Your Data Secrets

David Smith

Right now, your startup is generating loads of valuable data. But if you’re like 99% of those around you, you don’t have time or tools to unlock the insights hidden in those numbers.

At TheVentureCity, we think analytics are essential to helping founders make better decisions during their crucial developmental phase. Which is why we’ve developed Growth Scanner, a tool to help founders know for real how well they’re growing.

We value transparency and believe all startups should adopt a data-centric mindset. To help companies like yours, we’re opening Growth Scanner to every founder, anywhere in the world, to access the insights from its analytics. So you can better operate your business, more effectively raise money and see your company through the same lens VCs do.

We developed Growth Scanner with the knowledge and expertise of the team at TheVentureCity. We’re all founders and operators ourselves. So we built the tool we would have wanted in our own companies’ nascent years.

Over the course of 5+ years, TheVentureCity has looked at thousands of startup investment opportunities. And helped dozens of companies we’ve invested in pursue product-led growth with data instrumentation and analysis as a foundation. In the process we have analyzed A LOT of transactional and usage logs. Having built our own proprietary data stack, we can now scale smarter analytics for ourselves, and for you.

Using your data, we measure the health of your startup with key metrics and benchmarks. This answers simple, but important, questions like, “Are we building something people want” and “Do we have product-market fit?” It can also address bigger strategic issues like, “Should we allocate more resources to acquisition or retention?” While shedding light on strengths or weaknesses in the business, the charts also help tell your story to investors.

Our team of data experts is here to help you see it all clearly. Any company that uses Growth Scanner receives a live review over Zoom with one of our analysts to provide further context and answer your questions.

We’re super excited to share this new tool with you, and to partner with you as you learn more about what’s behind your data.

Try Growth Scanner and see your data in a new light.


Who it’s for: Any startup looking to make (better) use of the data you’re generating

What it does: Gives you a clear, data-driven look at analytics that matter to the health of your business growth, as evaluated by cutting-edge VC firms

Why it’ll transform your thinking: Growth Scanner helps move you toward a data-centric mindset with real insights

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