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September 20, 2022

Insights from Growth Scanner: SimpliRoute

David Smith

Watch as co-founder and CEO Alvaro Echeverria explains how Growth Scanner helped give his company perspective on where to focus, and how that led to investment.

A startup’s initial Growth Scan from TheVentureCity kicks off a long-term relationship between our companies centered on using data to understand what drives the business.

When you use Growth Scanner for the first time, you not only uncover the insights behind your startup’s data points, but it’s also the beginning of a conversation to transform your company to become data-driven. This approach accelerates successful product-led growth by being able to better understand and focus on your metrics.

Simpliroute, a Chilean AI-powered logistics B2B SaaS startup, used Growth Scanner to learn that paid customers churn at a very low rate. Furthermore, the contribution margin from each customer was enough to pay back the cost associated with acquiring that customer in a few short months. Their low churn and strong unit economics were important factors that guided TheVentureCity to invest in their Series A round.

When it came time for further investment in the next round, TheVentureCity’s data team went deeper. We segmented the user base by size, acquisition channel, and geographical area. Among other things, we observed that SimpliRoute was starting to replicate its initial success in Chile by penetrating other markets like Colombia and Mexico at the same or faster rates. In addition to bolstering our conviction in the business, this insight helped the SimpliRoute team allocate resources by doubling down where it was working and reassessing what to do in countries where growth was weaker.

The relationship between our two companies continues to grow as SimpliRoute approaches its Series B fundraising round. TheVentureCity is advising SimpliRoute’s in-house finance and analytics teams on which metrics to track, how to measure them, and how to move the needles. Of course, using Growth Scanner as our shared lens to track that progress.

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