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December 10, 2019

Erudit redefines the future of labor relations

TheVentureCity Team

The startup that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to improve satisfaction and productivity in the workplace enters our Growth Program

Improving happiness in the workplace is becoming an increasingly salient concern for companies. A recent trend among companies is to spice up office design to promote wellbeing. A recent trend in Silicon Valley is to spice up office design and promote collaboration to improve employee wellbeing and productivity. But what if there was a way to measure people’s satisfaction in the workplace and help them integrate better and have an impact? One startup has responded to this query with both a humanistic and a technologically innovative solution. It is also a new addition to our Growth Accelerator.

"We are full of expectations and excited to see where this program takes us. Our medium-term goals are to continue achieving 100% satisfaction among our clients. We hope that TheVentureCity will help us scale our product globally to reach unparalleled growth levels."

Erudit is transforming the market with a software based on AI to identify and develop human capital in wide-ranging companies. Through this software, the startup can measure valuable information about people’s habits, gestures, and tone of voice to improve performance and optimize processes at HHRR departments. Some of the outputs of this data are level of burnout, interdepartmental communication quality, and personality “raw materials” such as individual strengths and weaknesses. In addition to improving employee's wellbeing, Erudit helps companies get real-time data about absenteeism, engagement and productivity.Founded in Spain, Mexico and the United States, Erudit has already garnered important consumers of their SaaS technology in Mexico and the United States, including Telefonica, KPMG, and Banco Nacional de Mexico.Alejandro Martinez Agenjo, a Spanish national, a psychologist and businessman, is the founder of Erudit. Alejandro is passionate about education and democratizing educational opportunities around the world. In fact, he had founded an earlier startup which focused on targeted learning.Internally, Alejandro is joined in this venture by Ricardo Michel Reyes, his CTO. Ricardo is a natural entrepreneur and an engineer with a knack for tech. He is a self-taught programmer and a pioneer of several technology projects who has developed a large part of his career in Silicon Valley.Now, they join our team to scale up to the next level.[caption id="attachment_1319" align="alignnone" width="1024"]

Erudit with part of the TheVentureCity crew in Madrid.[/caption]Andrés Dancausa, VP of the Growth Accelerator EMEA at TheVentureCity, is in sync with the founders: “Erudit is a truly unique addition to our team. They are a company with a very clear social and humanitarian vein. They are leveraging tech including AI, NLP to help managers in large corporations stay even more connected to their employees. It is clear for us that the future of people management is going to be led by companies like Erudit.”Collaborators' satisfaction is a huge concern nowadays. At TheVentureCity, we are proud to be funding ideas that matter and have a direct and powerful influence on people’s lives.

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