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August 5, 2019

Aervio, Joyners and Reloadly enter the Growth Program and bolster TheVentureCity’s ecosystem in Barcelona

TheVentureCity Team

Aervio, Joyners and Reloadly enter the Growth Program and bolster TheVentureCity’s ecosystem in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most exciting ecosystems for entrepreneurs. We have seen how many great companies have scaled up from early stages. The city is the living example of how the entrepreneur sector can become a vector for economic growth and a city emblem

That’s why we’re so excited to welcome these three companies located in the Catalan capital to our acceleration program. Reloadly, Aervio and Joyners are now part of our family.

“As part of our growth strategy in Europe, Barcelona is a fundamental hub, because it meets all the conditions to scale the next big companies. It has talent, investment and experience,” says Andrés Dancausa, VP of Growth Accelerator in EMEA at TheVentureCity.

This “step forward” at TheVentureCity towards the Catalan market by adding these three companies is remarkable for its high level of scalability, growth potential and international expansion strategy.

This is the case for Joyners, where Oriol de Pablo (CEO), Xavi Esteve (CTO) and Mireia Llort (COO) have generated a platform that brings together social and health professionals and allows users to book these services for the care of elderly or dependent people. Based on data, with an extensive validation process and tools to help the management of services, this company is committed to make this world more accessible and that the care of the elderly becomes more trustworthy.

For Oriol de Pablo, CEO of Joyners, joining the program at TheVentureCity will help us “concentrate on what really matters for the company, which is growth. Their focus on product design and data, and working side by side with the best will help our company take the leap to a higher level.”

We also have Aervio joining, a platform that uses AI to improve the management and tracking of corporate flights. With just a simple email, the tool created by Santiago Montero and Iván Sempere, customizes the results of routes, layovers and requests for the companies.

Santiago Montero states that joining the acceleration program is an opportunity that “we were looking for, because we recognize the talent and effort that this program has to offer, and in which we will move forward very quickly.”

But not only these companies based in the capital of Catalonia bolster the ecosystem, “as a Techcity, Barcelona, is capable of attracting even more entrepreneur talent. This is the case of Reloadly, where the founders are originally from Haiti, but reside in Miami, and decided to relocate to Barcelona to launch their company. These are the types of international entrepreneurs that we look out for at TheVentureCity, and because of this, Barcelona is among one of the best cities in the world to find them”, says Dancausa.

Furthermore, the vision of Reloadly focuses on the creation of a Cloud API platform that allows taking a step further in the payments and transactions sector, breaking barriers and allowing these processes to be done through their developer interface, so that it can be embedded in any website or mobile.

“What we see at TheVentureCity is key — they understand our vision and their team has demonstrated that they want to work side by side with us so we can scale up quickly” says Michael Francis, CEO of the company, who jointly with Emmanuel Piard develop the platform.

With these three new additions, we grow our growth and expansion network in Europe. Madrid and Barcelona cooperate and grow together and go beyond, scaling without borders, with that global vision that attracts us so much.

Welcome, Aervio, Reloadly and Joyners! ?

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