May 19, 2022

Founder Spotlight: Gigapay

TheVentureCity Team

We welcomed Gigapay to TheVentureCity in September 2021. We’ve loved working with them as they have seen their business grow based on hyper focus on product and a deep understanding of their user: > 233% growth in GMV in the past year. 

 Gigapay is a payment infrastructure built for businesses in the gig and creator economy. They help businesses automate KYC, tax compliance, and payouts through a dev-friendly API and intuitive UI. Gigapay makes it easy to take full control of how and when companies complete payouts. 

 Gigapay was founded by Raiha Buchanan and Gustav Malmqvist.

“Payments require significant attention to detail which can be taxing on lean teams handling hundreds of invoices a month. Gigapay eases the payment process for creators and freelance workers leading to the smoothest experience possible.” - Raiha Buchanan

Source: TheVentureCity Growth Scanner

Retaining and understanding freelancers

Over the course of their journey, Gigapay has become an expert in influencer marketing platforms -  how they operate and their challenges. This knowledge enabled Gigapay to build a product beloved by Swedish creators and influencer platforms.

Gustav Malmqvist, Gigapay’s CTO & Cofounder, underscored a key turning point, “Once we built trust with larger customers, smaller customers were also able to see the benefit and started using our product.”  

Trust isn’t enough - Gigapay acts on customer feedback and quickly. Customers need convenience, so Gigapay was one of the first to integrate Swish payouts (mobile payment system in Sweden) to ensure they provided customers with the experience they sought.

What's next to come for Gigapay

Gigapay is live in Sweden and Finland, and is focused next on internationalization. We know this team of fast executors and learners is going to crush this next stage!