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October 24, 2018

TheVentureCity welcomes Daniel Yuste to create Business Mindset team

TheVentureCity Team

This new team at TheVentureCity brings vision, change, and the best of combining large companies, top startups and experts in Product, Growth, Scalability, Technology, and Investment Funds.

TheVentureCity welcomes Daniel Yuste to the management team of the company, and to lead a new area called Business Mindset that will be dedicated to the growth of companies interested in evolving in the new digital environment.

This new team will help large companies and business leaders to inspire change and growth within their companies and ventures in the new competitive global context.

One of TheVentureCity’s fundamental missions is to help companies grow and advance with functional business models for each market. Sometimes the solution for many businesses is not a complete transformation, but rather a pivot or ongoing evolution; an action that in many cases is difficult to achieve without help.

To solve this type of problem and boost the growth of companies, TheVentureCity has created a new team called Business Mindset, where they develop custom services for companies that aspire to grow in an organized way in moments of uncertainty.

According to Laura González-Estéfani, “with the incorporation of Daniel Yuste and the creation of the Business Mindset team, we better ourselves in one of our objectives: offering a distinct angle to our companies, a vision that allows them to evolve with reason in an environment of change, in a personalized manner, putting the talent they would need in their hands when they need it the most.” González-Estéfani coincides with Yuste, with whom she had previously worked, in “maintaining the hope and ambition of facilitating the change in these companies.”

The Business Mindset team will work with companies from all over the world, but will have an initial focus on Southern Europe, Latin America, and the United States, to be able to boost their growth in an effective, personalized way, based on the following lines of work:

  • Creation of the vision and the future scenarios of the companies.
  • Design a company culture and business mindset adapted to the digital era.
  • Focus in Digital Product, Growth, Technology and Data.
  • Generate results through the use of the information.
  • Identify new business opportunities and co-investment leads.

Besides counting on a large base of startups from different industries and countries such as Cabify, Woom, and Hogaru, who will provide very relevant knowledge, this team would also be supported by services that are already part of TheVentureCity: the Laboratory, University, Studio, and Bank. Companies that utilize the services that the Business Mindset team offers can also count on the best tools to help manage themselves in the new, digital era, generate their own startups or projects, and even get financing.

Daniel Yuste, former Designit Managing Director for Spain and CEO for Latin America, will lead TheVentureCity’s Business Mindset team. In addition to having a very entrepreneurial profile and being part of many different Boards in Latin American, Yuste comes with a broad experience in the world of business strategies, which he developed working for companies such as PayPal (eBay), McKinsey & Company, and Microsoft.

“Change or transformation has a clearly positive connotation as long as it focuses on its twofold benefit: change as evolution and change as a way of ability to adapt,” said Yuste. “The movement generates new scenarios and with them new opportunities. Designing your own future, your own dystopia, is guaranteeing that you will lead your own change.”

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