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December 21, 2020

From 0 to 75. A tribute to TheVentureCity Team and all our startups

Laura González-Estéfani

We feel like we do not want to wake up from a dream. A dream in the middle of the worst year ever for this generation. A dream in the middle of a nightmare. This month, we reached our largest milestone to date. TheVentureCity had the honor and the pleasure of working with more than 50 different teams within our Product Led Program and invest in 20 plus companies from around the world through our fund. More than 75 diverse teams, from Chile to Mexico, from San Francisco to Miami, from Angola to Kenya, and from Spain to Ukraine.

Really? Yasssss......really.

When I started to imagine what TheVentureCity was going to be about, working hand in hand with founders and their teams, redefining industries from emerging tech hubs, I pictured what we have today. Well, that’s not entirely true. I never dreamed I’d be able to work with such a relentless, passionate and driven team like the one we have today. Together, we make TheVentureCity happen, ideas are just ideas, but execution, a-haaaaaaa! That’s really what makes things happen. Each member of our team has been instrumental in reaching this milestone.

I am taking a moment now to remember all the feedback I gathered around this Vision for years before I decided to quit Facebook. The Vision of building a global venture “city,” where entrepreneurs were able to find the support they needed; from accessible operational talent to an investment ticket. A community of founders, operators, corporates, government and investors. Most of my friends advised me to start small, test and learn, and focus on one thing at a time.


Emerging tech hubs can’t wait to get one thing fixed at a time. One day you need the investment, the next you need the talent and the next you need the client or partnership. So we had to build it all at the same time.

And so, we did. We went big.

We traveled around the world in squads to visit tech hubs, entrepreneurs, and their teams. We met in person with most of the co-investors we work with today. Whether in Chile or Japan, we went to every tech event to understand the dynamics between the ecosystem players. We unlearned everything we had been learning for years throughout our careers, to pursue our dream, TheVentureCity.

TheVentureCity startups portfolio

The harder we worked, the more we believed, the tougher the feedback we got from our founders and other community members, the stronger we felt about what we were building, the bigger the mistakes we made, the faster we rebuilt and pivoted our company. We haven’t stopped believing in our mission for one second in the last three years. Non-stop. Every time we failed, we became stronger and understood the problem better, every time we got rejected, we polished the program and went back to the founders when we believed we could add a ton of value to them. Different team members have joined from different places around the world, some of them have left us to start even greater adventures. There is now a continuous cycle of talent coming in and out, from TheVentureCity to the world.

These lines are a tribute to all of my team members, to each one of you, the ones that remain in the team and the ones conquering the world out there. I would have never been able to make this happen if it was not for each one of you.

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TheVentureCity Dream Team
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So now, what is our next dream? Well, it’s not an easy one, but here we go. We dream that one day the TheVentureCity will be the founder's choice with which to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs. Not only for the founders who have grown with us but any founder looking to continue the cycle and re-invest in the ecosystem. We were born founders, turned funders and now we want the founders we support to exit and invest through us in the next generation. From founders for founders!

Stay tuned. It will happen!


To the Moon & Beyond

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