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December 16, 2020

TheVentureCity welcomes Paloma Health and Base!

TheVentureCity Team

The days of going to the doctor to get that routine check-up seem to be coming to an end and we are confident this time no one will be looking back at them with nostalgia. Working, fitness, education, entertainment, fine dining, and even breadmaking are all sectors that have made themselves comfortable in our homes (do we really need to say why?) and now healthcare is the latest to come knocking.In TheVentureCity, we see telehealth and at-home medical testing as sectors with a lot of growth potential, that is why we have decided to invest in Base and Paloma Health, two health tech startups providing health solutions to Americans currently struggling to meet their health care needs. With lockdowns and fear of infection still keeping people cooped up, companies like Base and Paloma Healthcare are filling an essential gap for millions of people. Through testing and digital solutions, these companies provide safer, more affordable, and more convenient alternatives to inefficient and costly hospital visits.

Learn more about the new members of our Product-Led Growth Program:

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Lola Priego - Founder & CEO, Base[/caption]Base helps people understand their brain fog, sleep, diet, and more by providing affordable access to their body’s key data points: blood and saliva. Base has created the first membership that pairs at-home lab testing with a smart app to analyze and identify any symptoms in addition to providing data-driven recommendations based on the user’s goals.[caption id="attachment_3573" align="alignright" width="210"]

Guillaume Cohen-Skalli - Cofounder & CEO, Paloma Health[/caption]Paloma Health makes it easy to get expert, personalised, at-home treatment for hypothyroidism, a chronic condition that affects more than 25 million Americans. Delivered via telemedicine by certified doctors, and nutritionists, Paloma Health combines evidence-based treatment with at-home lab testing to deliver the best care and experience available.With preventive medicine also on the rise, we are confident companies like Paloma Health and Base are becoming the health solutions of the future, bridging the gap between consumers and health experts, while also providing patients with data so they can make the right decisions for their bodies. Welcome to our family!

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