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February 21, 2019

TonicApp and Eventtia launch strategic growth partnership

TheVentureCity Team

TonicApp and Eventtia launch strategic growth partnership

At TheVentureCity, we also “accelerate” strategic partnerships. TonicApp and Eventtia, both startups that are part of our accelerator program, just launched a strategy to complement each other’s platforms and grow in the medical and event fields.

The collaboration is a strong opportunity for growth; the collaboration strategies between the two startups could boost their expansion in specific areas. Eventtia and TonicApp understand that their reach can be more efficient if they work together.

Eventtia allows users to manage events in a simple, effective way; TonicApp allows healthcare industry organizations to interact and share information with each other in a safe way. Combining both of their offerings makes sense in terms of event planning for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and research industries.

For TonicApp, which was founded in Portugal, the partnership is an opportunity to offer new services to their users. For Eventtia, which was founded in Colombia, it is a way to add value to a very appealing audience: the healthcare industry.

“Since Eventtia does not have a presence in Portugal, they will now be able to be part of medical conferences in the region. It is a great alliance since both medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies tend to run into each other at these conferences, but most of the time the event planning software is not the best. TonicApp will allow these conversations to keep happening even after the events are over,” said Daniela Seixas, CEO at TonicApp.

On the other hand, Eventtia Cofounder Mauricio Palacio sees TonicApp as “an opportunity to explore a new way to introduce and sell the product with a business model that adds value to all players.”

Even though founders from both companies have never met in person, the trust that the TheVentureCity accelerator program offers is more than enough for them to take this important step.

Collaborations like this show the added value that comes from our acceleration and growth model. “TonicApp and Eventtia are pioneers that have found a way to work and grow together. This is the philosophy that we practice every day at TheVentureCity,” said Andres Dancausa, VP Growth Accelerator at TheVentureCity.

About TonicApp:

TonicApp was founded in 2016 with the mission of making healthcare more efficient by trusting medical knowledge.

The company was created by Daniela Seixas, who is a MD and MBA herself, and brings together medical and social tools in order to help healthcare professionals generate safe conversations within a unique platform.

What is Eventtia?

Eventtia is an event management platform, which was founded between France and Colombia, that simplifies logistical and planning processes.

The platform enriches events by adding the possibility of automating and managing surveys, ticket sales, billing, agendas, among other features.

What is TheVentureCity’s Growth Acceleration Program?

Our acceleration program is where magic happens at TheVentureCity. It is where we accelerate companies under a new growth and investment model, creating solutions and boosting innovation.

Translation by Elisa Rodríguez-Vila.

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