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February 24, 2022

Our first-ever Miami Summit!

TheVentureCity Team

A few weeks ago we held the first-ever TheVentureCity Summit in Miami. For three days, Miami (a mosaic of culture itself), became the meeting point for people of all backgrounds, nationalities, and ambitions. From Brazil 🇧🇷 to Germany 🇩🇪, we hosted founders, investors, mentors, and community members from all over the world. 🌎

The agenda contained curated discussion panels, interactive networking sessions, VC benchmark data "duels", founder circles, morning yoga sessions, and… the occasional happy hour.🍹

The stage was shared by founders, investors, and experts alike, each sharing their ideas on the latest innovations within their industries - or better said, what industries they are disrupting and the lessons learned from their entrepreneurial journeys. Recent founders speaking to 3x or even 4x founders. Young investors speaking to experienced angels. Investors and founders exchanging ideas (and hopefully contact information 😉). A free flow of knowledge, ideas, and advice! 🧠

Product-led growth in action, building on web3, fintechs in emerging markets, scaling healthtech ventures, fundraising & investor relations, data analytics, building an inclusive culture, and more were among the subjects covered, each panel composed of experts in their fields. As one of our founders, Nacho España from Kronte, put it, we don’t know how the room didn’t explode from the amount of talent! 🤯 

For those who joined us, we hope that this experience was as nurturing for you as it was for us. We are extremely thankful to everyone who made the effort to be there. 🙏 

If you haven't already, check out a recap video of the event here!

Stay tuned, because we are #BuildingThingsInMiami and the world. More to come! 🔥🌴

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