CMO/Marketing Manager

Madrid, Spain


About us

We're on a mission to enable every business to spend less and focus on the things most important to them. Businesses make multiple operational and financial transactions every day. Too often this is a manual process with little insights. At Fuell, we want to change this with technology, design, and focus.We've been working on an all-in-one corporate card and expense management software for over a year, and have customers like Scalpers, Aloha Poke, Pompeii, Atrys Health, and a hundred more on this journey with us.We're a growing team based in 🏙 Madrid and 🏝 Gran Canaria. Learn more about our story and culture here →


We launched our product in 2020 and we've been adjusting it based on customers' needs. Over the past few months, we've started to see signals of product-market fit, which is something gradual, not discrete.“Product/Market Fit Myths: Myth #1: Product market fit is always a discrete, big bang event; Myth #2: It’s patently obvious when you have product/market fit; ” — Ben HorowitzMore than a hundred companies like Scalpers, LlaoLlao, Tot-Em, or Atrys Health are already using our product. Our goal is to become the best expense management solution of the market and, to do so, we have a culture of continuous product improvement. Now we want to consolidate our growth in Spain and expand to other markets.

Why now

Historically, payment systems have been a traditional banking business. Related projects have built standalone products or solutions disconnected from their associated workflows.Now, card-issuing platforms have matured and opened up for developers, and traditional banks are collaborating with fintech startups.The way we like to put it: teams have historically adapted to banks, we're adapting the way your team works. In the US, we can find million-dollar companies like Brex, Ramp or Divvy. In Europe, we can find many players like Pleo in northern Europe but none relevant enough relative to the market opportunity.We're in a good position because of our unique team, software architecture, and top-tier advisors.

The role

Together with Product and Sales, Marketing plays a fundamental strategic role in Fuell's growth. We've managed to acquire more than a hundred companies with organic, little to no investment in marketing besides working with an external agency. None of that scales.We're looking to hire a Marketing Manager to work hand-in-hand with Edu and Manu defining, building, and implementing our marketing strategy from the grown-up. You'll work cross-functionally with the team and our customers, across the entire product lifecycle from helping shape the product, to driving launch and commercialization, to growing product adoption post-launch.Our ideal candidate is an enabler, commercial, growth, and brand lover and a strategic and analytical thinker eager to roll up their sleeves to get things done, with lots of good vibes and passion in everything they do.

What you'll do

We rely on a marketing agency right now and we've made little to no investment in marketing to date. So everything is to be defined and built.

  • Cross-channel marketing strategy. Deeply understand how to scope and execute communication strategies needed to reach different customer segments: talk regularly to users and prospects and work with our product and sales teams for insights that inform your work (content, messaging, positioning, etc.).
  • Product marketing development. Develop product positioning and messaging informed by user research, market insights, and product understanding. Advocate for our existing and prospective users, be informed about our competitive landscape and become the go-to expert for your product area to help shape the product roadmap and strategy.
  • Collaborate with Product and Sales. Develop product communications and sales materials for consistent branding and tone across the company.
  • Run data-driven testing to determine the potential success of new channels. You will provide insights and optimizations for existing and new channels - always linking initiatives back to growth.

During the first 3 monthsWe believe that you need to build solid foundations to be productive and contribute effectively. During the first month, we want you to focus on absorbing as much information as possible about the company, the vision, and the market.You'll meet the team, get familiar with how we work, collaborate closely with Edu and Manu, you'll shadow Clara in sales meetings, and interview existing customers with Cris. We'll introduce you to our marketing agency and you'll audit what we've done so far and get a deep understanding of where we want to be.By your third month, you'll be the main POC between Fuell and the marketing agency while you start defining and taking ownership of building a marketing strategy and materials internally. You'll become a coffee connoisseur and a Malasaña expert.During your 3rd to 6th monthOver time, you'll organically gain autonomy and feel more confident not only leading your work but also representing marketing in our different strategy, product, and day-to-day discussions.You'll be defining and implementing a cross-functional marketing strategy, running various experiments, informing about the market while you continue absorbing product and user information.You might try to beat previous scape room and karting team building proposals. If clubs are safe and open, you might have had a session or two at Ocho y Medio.During the first year and beyondYou'll have full ownership of the marketing department at Fuell and you might have hired someone to work with you in your team. Now it's your turn to tell us what we should expect 🙂

What we're looking for

We believe in talent over curriculum, and experience over titles. We know there's no ideal candidate, so who you are, what you've done, and what moves you matters more than ticking all the checkboxes.

  • You’ve built marketing and communications B2B strategies with a heavy focus on product in a growth stage SaaS.
  • Branding and design taste. You speak the language of designers and you're ready to sketch and put together marketing materials when needed.
  • Data-oriented. You optimize for performance. You can set up the infrastructure to collect data and insights and generate balanced and thoughtful strategies for how to take our products to market.
  • A strategic doer. You are comfortable designing and leading 360° campaigns yet you are hands-on and low enough to the ground to have an immediate impact. You can adapt quickly and execute fast.
  • Passionate about technology. You understand and can explain technical concepts in ways that everyday people can understand.
  • Self-manager. You are detail-oriented, an autonomous individual with a proactive attitude, and a love for time self-management.
  • Bonus points: excellent written and spoken English communication skills.

Salary expectations

We try to meet market rates, adapting offers to each individual candidate. Compensation is structured with a base salary and phantom shares for this role.

How to apply

Let us know what caught your attention about Fuell and what makes you a great candidate for this role at hiring@getfuell.com with your Linkedin and/or CV, links to relevant work, and any information you consider important.Learn about our hiring process here →