Back-End Developer

Valencia, Spain


Internxt is an innovative and fast-growing young startup looking for a senior backend developer in Valencia, Spain.

The programmer must have high knowledge in NodeJS, Databases, and Network Administration. Minimum experience as a back-end developer of 5 years. Become a crucial part of one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe!

Internxt aims to provide an Internet that respects both, the user and the planet. Today's Internet is dominated by a few American giants (Google, Amazon, Microsoft ...), who have long abused their power and violated the privacy of users who use their services. To solve this, Internxt is creating a series of Internet services with an alternative philosophy.Internxt Drive, the first of these services, is a cloud in the style of Dropbox or Google Drive, in which only the user can see their files. No third party (hackers, companies) can have access to them. For this, Internxt Drive makes use of end-to-end encryption and blockchain technology, so that the uploaded files are completely safe from third parties.Internxt Drive is available to both individuals and businesses. In addition, Internxt has a tree-planting program for each client who subscribes to one of its plans. Especially now in times of COVID, many are forced to digitize and use some of the existing cloud services. Internxt Drive is postulated as a better alternative to currently available American services (Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive), which respects the privacy of those who use it.Internxt expects to launch more services during 2021, such as Internxt Mail, Internxt Photos, Internxt Send, etc. The company has gone from having 2 employees a few months ago, to have 15 at the end of 2020. Internxt has raised almost one million euros of investment, from funds such as ESADE BAN and The Venture City. Internxt is also part of Juan Roig's startup accelerator, Lanzadera.Come join us!