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February 3, 2023

TheVentureCity 2023 Summit

TheVentureCity Team

TheVentureCity Summit 2023 logo

Rewriting the Rules of Venture Capital Starts Now

TheVentureCity 2023 Summit is coming soon to Miami. Listen to the Music. Not the Noise. Will bring innovators from around the globe to listen, learn, discuss and debate the most important trends in the VC world. Attendees, from founders to funders, led by TheVentureCity team will enjoy three days of interactive content and networking opportunities.

Attendees will experience a summit in which the future of funding meets fresh thinking.

With emcees Fred Schonenberg and Jeanine Suah, the event is sure to be entertaining from start to finish.

Visitors can find the full program here

Have questions about the Summit? Please email

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