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April 2, 2019

Safety in your pocket with CityCop

TheVentureCity Team

Safety in your pocket with CityCop

CityCop joins the TheVentureCity Growth Accelerator program. The Uruguayan company facilitates peer-to-peer information on your neighborhood’s safety. A revolutionary model already at work in five Latin American cities.

We have new denizens in our City, they come with a groundbreaking idea to keep us all safer. Their platform allows the local community to report nearby crimes and to receive real-time updates on the safety of their whereabouts.

CityCop was developed to bring access to information on local safety to everyone. It draws on AI and machine learning to predict and prevent the kind of events that shatter communities.

The company founders have joined TheVentureCity’s Growth Program “because we deemed it the most hands-on option, very different from others. We saw the synergy between both companies. We know this is going to help us keep a clear focus and improve our product,” explains Marcelo Dotti, CTO of the company.

But how did this project come to fruition? CityCop’s CEO, Nadim Curi recounts: “I had the entrepreneurial bug since I was a kid. I first started burning CDs. Seeing Facebook explode left a mark on me and then we wanted to do something that would overcome any obstacle.”

Those obstacles were overcome while they finished a Tech-oriented MBA in 2013, CityCop was their final project. Today they employ a team including three developers and their platform is deployed in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Santiago de Chile (Chile) and Montevideo (Uruguay).

On CityCop joining us, our Growth Acceleration VP for the Americas, Ricardo Sangion, had to say “there is so much potential to make a social impact here. Any small help that CityCop may provide could mean one less family going through some horrible situation and the budding development of their predictive model will escalate considerably this positive impact”.

CityCop is joining the 6-month intensive program that TheVentureCity executes in Madrid and Miami. Through this process companies receive 100,000 dollars in investment in exchange for 6% of the company.

We are very excited about the scalability, technology and product that we at TheVentureCity will help to develop and grow. Welcome onboard, CityCop!

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