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April 27, 2023

Our Investment in BrandLovrs

Ricardo Sangion

BrandLovrs, Welcome to TheVentureCity!

We are thrilled to announce our investment in BrandLovrs, a technology platform that empowers brands to activate and nurture relationships with creators at scale, driving social buzz, growing revenue and tracking ROI in real-time. The platform also helps creators make more income, in a more predictable way, and from a wider choice of partners.

We invested in the $2 million seed round led by Canary Ventures, and joined global celebrity investors like Will.I.Am, J Balvin, and other prominent angels like Luciano Huck (#1 TV show host in Brazil), Adam Bain and Matt Derela (former Twitter C-levels) and Marc Lemann (the son of Jorge Paulo Lemann- richest man in Brazil).  Endeavor Scale-Up Ventures and 4Equity also participated in the round.

Why Now

The rising creator economy has transformed how brands reach their audience, and how people make money. Brazil already has 20 million creators, according to Meta, and businesses love them. An impressive 70 percent of industry experts in Brazil say they use influencer marketing, and almost half of people surveyed in Brazil have bought products because influencers advertised them. Yet getting compensation for their work is a huge challenge: 1 in 2 creators make no more than $100 per month. The ground is fertile for tools that can increase creators’ access to a wide choice of partners, reduce marketing costs for brands, and increase revenue for both parties. BrandLovrs already has the trust of leading digital brands in Brazil such as Hidratei, Kings, and Aramis.

"Like many creators today, 5 years ago I was starting to produce content on social media. Looking back, the internet and social media at scale changed my life forever, opening up unimaginable opportunities for me. I see the potential for BrandLovrs to enable millions of people to experience the same thing that happened to me - a true social transformation. This genuine purpose is what inspires and drives the business every day." - Rapha Avellar, co-founder and CEO

Signals of Growth

Their unique model that gamifies influencer marketing campaigns and has been seeing rapid, organic growth in users since its launch in Brazil in January 2023.

“Brands that have signed up for the platform are experiencing an additional 10 to 15% revenue growth, generating between 7-15x return on investment and managing an average of 200 creators through the BrandLovrs platform. We are growing by word of mouth on the back of good results." - Rafael Marino, co-founder and CRO

Why We Invested

Like often during the early stages of investing, it is the team that makes us believe in their vision. Rapha, Marino and Rômulo are seasoned founders with deep industry knowledge, having previously created Adventures, a successful VC-backed company. Their product-centric mindset and the fact that the platform is extremely simple, and already fully functional on mobile just added to our conviction in the team.

"I was very impressed by the team and how they were able to create a solution that is very easy to use and simply works, for both creators and brands, in an extremely streamlined way. We are extremely excited to join their mission of giving financial freedom to millions of creators in Latin America. Knowing the market intimately, I can see how the platform can scale rapidly to be the one-stop-shop for creators willing to monetize their content with ease." - Ricardo Sangion, Partner at TheVentureCity

Why BrandLovrs Chose Us

Our in-house data team, composed of data analysts and engineers, has built a tech stack that enables us to uncover insights into our startups' businesses. One of the products the team has created is Growth Scanner, which provides startups with an assessment of user retention and growth benchmarks. Since BrandLovrs is still in the early stages of their journey, we are excited for our data team and investment lead to work with the team and optimize for a product-led growth approach.

Moreover - from our time at Facebook and Pinterest, we know a thing or two about the creators’ economy and network effects 😉. Our founder and CEO Laura González-Estéfani led International Growth at Facebook, together with our Partner Ricardo Sangion, the executive responsible for launching Facebook and Pinterest operations in Latin America.

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