Why we invested in 4iQ

Julio Casal - Founder & CTO at 4iQ


We are thrilled to announce that we have just invested in 4iQ, the identity intelligence company bringing attribution to cybersecurity. We invested in 4IQ's $30M Series C round, along with ForgePoint Capital, Benhamou Global Ventures, C5 Capital, and Adara Ventures.Backing diverse founders who are using cutting-edge software to tackle large, global problems and markets is at the crux of TheVentureCity’s investment thesis, and 4iQ fits right into that. 4iQ is a data protection company that continuously collects exposed identity information found in open sources on the surface, social, deep, and dark web. First and foremost, we were blown away with the level of maturity and appropriation of 4iQ’s team, which makes them incredibly unique. Julio Casal is a second-time founder who has unparalleled domain expertise in cybersecurity. Before 4iQ, Julio was the Founder and CEO of AlienVault, which was acquired by AT&T in 2018 for $1.6B and is one of Spain’s largest tech exits to date (Pitchbook).Julio’s expertise in the space really shone through in our meetings, but he has also pulled together an unbeatable team, with the likes of Alberto Yepez (Forgepoint) and Anik Bose (BGV), both pioneers of the cybersecurity industry. We also loved the fact that 4iQ has put together management and technical leads that are so well-regarded and are looked up to in the industry. Their ability to build relationships with clients and their standing in the cybersecurity community makes us confident that 4iQ has the right team in place to execute on its go-to-market strategy.Beyond the innovative strong team and product vision, we were also impressed by the management’s scrappiness and ability to sign up large enterprises despite limited resources. Calls with customers really drove home how innovative 4iQ’s product is and seeing it in action reinforced how substantial 4iQ’s data moat really is, which would make them defensible in the long-term.4iQ has been an early-mover in the $4.8B threat intel and analytics market. The market is still very nascent, and we are quite excited about its growth potential, as the market is set to grow 4x to over $20 Billion globally by 2027.It’s rare to come across an opportunity that presents such a perfect combination of visionary management, best-in-class technology, and sizable market opportunity. Julio Casal and the team at 4iQ are on track to build an iconic data intelligence company. We can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and help the 4iQ team build the next-gen threat analytics stack that will conquer the world. 🚀🚀🚀