Welcome to the DreamTeam, Cesi!


We launched TheVentureCity 4 years ago to fill the gap between talent and opportunity. Needless to say that what we believed back then we are witnessing today, the best companies aren’t being built in the same traditional tech hubs around the world. Talent has no zip code, and opportunities have grown exponentially because we are all more willing than ever to believe in those brilliant minds no matter where they are.

Today our team gets even better, Francesca De Quesada Covey (Cesi) joins our team as Partner of our First Ticket Investments, adding her unique experience and authentic passion to keep making our vision a reality. We want to be the first ticket for extraordinary founders, regardless of their zip code, gender, or background. To do this, we had to think differently to meet the needs of these founders as it’s not just capital they seek. We created a new model: We support founders from day one, becoming an extension of their teams, providing the first investment ticket, and helping them scale with our in-house group of data, product, engineering, and growth teams. Four years since we launched we’ve invested in more than 80 companies globally, and today, with Cesi’s addition to the team, we are doubling down in the US & Canada markets stronger and more inspired than ever.

Francesca’s career has spanned both public and private sectors where she has focused on the best ways to deliver greater economic opportunity through innovation. She spent the last 7 years at Facebook building and scaling business development teams supporting Internet.org, SMB commerce, and crypto efforts – Novi and Diem. Most recently, she drove cross-Facebook company strategy development in the office of the CEO/COO. Prior to joining Facebook, Francesca served as Deputy Counselor for Strategic Engagement in the Obama White House. She is a board member of the Cuba Study Group, a non-profit organization promoting civil society development in Cuba and of Equis Research, an organization focused on creating a more active Latinx electorate.

Francesca is already an extraordinary help to our founders. She brings a unique combination of product acumen, business strategy, development, and regulatory experience. She is creative, a natural problem solver, and a trouble maker when needed! She works collaboratively to find both product and team market fit, find clear ways to scale into revenue, and all while managing tricky regulatory spaces. She’s someone you can trust under the best and most complex situations and will be a person with whom our founders can ideate, learn, and build the best products. Cesi decided to come to TheVentureCity because she wanted to be part of the next generations of Iguanacorns that will be created from Miami to the world. She believes that the groundbreaking, rocket ship, iguanacorns of the future are being developed by people with diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences and that Miami is the place to make it happen.

We are delighted to have her join our team, and can’t wait for founders to work with her.On a more personal thought, we had a blast traveling the world together at Facebook, she laughs hard, becomes stronger in difficult times, is the mother of two baby girls and a granddaughter to the most wonderful Cuban grandmother you can imagine.

Welcome home Cesi! 🚀