Usizy and TheVentureCity fit in well together


Our Garden has a new member in its Growth Accelerator Program led by Andrés Dancausa. What’s so special about this startup? Well, it makes everything you buy look good on you — always

Usizy is a startup founded in Madrid and that is rapidly expanding to the rest of the world. Their product value is clear, simple but incredibly scalable  it makes size recommendations based on two variables (sizing and weight). From this starting point, the algorithm crosses sales data with the sizing data for each e-commerce site to adjust the recommendations.

Why?, because the sizing tables in the marketplaces are tricky, complex and irregular. The Usizy algorithm solves this problem, improves the stock rotation for companies, their acquisition costs, and “trains” the algorithm to be more efficient and precise.

Currently, Usizy works with more than 250 brands; among them, we can find marketplaces from Spain, Russia, Germany and Italy. Iñaki García, CEO of the company, computer scientist and marketing passionate, explains why they chose TheVentureCity:

We want the company’s growth to be done in a well-organized manner and for that we need knowledge and the best practices, we know that mentors such as Katya Skorobogatova, Víctor J. Servin or Patricia de Loro will be very important in providing these insights.”

Along with Iñaki are Pedro Aquilino and Néstor Barrado, CTO and CFO respectively and co-founders of the company. Together they have achieved that their business, with a B2B model, finds a specific niche in the e-commerce space. So much so that the brands with whom they work already have a “what’s my size” button that makes the magic happen.

What have they achieved? They have optimized the online sales, reduced returns and increased a higher purchasing frequency for brands. Overall, they have increased the buyer’s loyalty and satisfaction, as well as an increased number of sales. In a day, Usizy provides 100,000 clothing recommendations, which is an impressive figure, with a conversion rate of 17%.

Their mid-term goal is to land in UK and United States with a strong impact. For this, our very own Andrés Dancausa, VP of Growth Accelerator, believes that:

There are two factors that the Usizy team meets. First, the vision in which they approach the industry, and second, the focus with which they execute, I’ve seen how they achieve each goal effortlessly since I’ve met them.”

During the next 6 months we are going to work together in our Growth Accelerator Program.

Welcome Usizy, let’s fit in together