TheVentureCity partners with Wayra and BStartup for the second edition of the Product-Led Growth Week


Last week, TheVentureCity held its second edition of Product-Led Growth Week in conjunction with Wayra and BStartup. More than 200 startups from 30 countries applied to become a part of this learning experience, where for a week, we put the expertise and technical knowledge of our team in the hands of selected founders and startups from around the world.The week focused around practical workshops on Product-Led Growth, a method of approaching growth that seeks to turn a startup’s product into its main catalyst of growth and its best asset. During the week, members of TheVentureCity served as mentors to the startups, hosting sessions on each of their areas of expertise from product strategies and growth tactics to user acquisition and fundraising.

"We are excited to see more than 200 early-stage startups so interested in the topic of Product-Led Growth. I wish I had learned about this before starting my first startup ten years ago, but I had to learn it the hard way. That's why we are very happy to give the opportunity to all of these founders to access top talent from great tech companies, to learn from our previous startup experiences, and see how product can be the main driver of growth. Hopefully, it will help all of them build even better companies" says Fernando Dal Re, VP Product-Led Growth Program EMEA at TheVentureCity.

At the week’s end, after careful analysis and consideration of each of the startups that applied, TheVentureCity, BStartup, and Wayra selected 10 startups out of that group to receive the chance to undergo a due diligence process for a potential investment by any of the three organizations. Here are the lucky 10! : πŸš€ (Cybersecurity - France): Uses predictive analytics, to score and identify malicious domains as they are registered, before they become active. πŸš€ GameBuddy GmbH (Gaming - Germany): Connects gamers around the world through its social network platform that helps to find perfect fitting teammates.πŸš€ Getcollective (Productivity - France): A software that reminds and automates the preparation, conduct and follow-ups steps for efficient and engaging meetings.πŸš€ iCommunity Labs (Blockchain - Spain): Is a low-code platform that accelerates digital transformation using Blockchain, making it accessible and easy for everyone.πŸš€ Legit Health (HealthTech - Spain) : AI software for early detection, evaluation and monitoring of skin diseases.πŸš€ Nooddle (FoodTech - Spain): Helps you to search easy and healthy recipes with the ingredients you already have in your fridge or pantry. πŸš€ Propify (PropTech - Spain): Automates rental commercialization from end to end as an alternative to using brokers, reducing costs and saving time.πŸš€ Symba (Productivity - USA/Spain): is an all-in-one enterprise internship management platform. πŸš€ Vizlegal (LegalTech - Ireland): Intelligent platform for legal information, making it accessible, easy to quickly find, track and analyse for lawyers.πŸš€ Zensei App (HealthTech - Spain): A data-driven and digital respiratory therapy to help people take care of their respiratory health.We are looking forward to what is to come for these Top 10 picks and continue on our mission to help entrepreneurs achieve global impact!