TheVentureCity celebrates its first remote DemoDay with over 160 investors


At TheVentureCity, we continue our investment pace despite the impact of Covid-19 on the global economy. Examples of this: our recent investment in SimpliRoute and our first remote DemoDay. Last Friday, April 24, 11 startups presented their proposals to more than 160 investors.Andrés Dancausa, VP of our Growth Program EMEA explains, “Our goal is to connect the startups of our acceleration program with the main investors in the European ecosystem. For startups, continuous growth is key; having investors to finance and accompany this journey is a key part of their strategy."In this first edition, we featured some of our portfolio startups, which have gone through our Growth Program:

  • Peoople, well-known social-commerce company
  • BitPhy, an automated advisory service to the retail sector through big data and machine learning tools
  • Climber, a smart Revenue Management Software (RMS) for small hotel chains
  • Dixper, a game streaming service that facilitates playing with your friends remotely from the web browser on any device
  • Zokri, designed to replace a mixture of tool to manage growth. It enables business to set corporate, team & individual goals (OKRs)
  • TonicApp, leading application for doctors
  • uSizy, a big data tool for retailers to optimize size, stock and logistics
  • Reloadly, an API platform built for developers. It’s the world’s first toolkit for mobile airtime and mobile operator services
  • Yield Pass, SaaS Adtech infrastructure that enables small & mid-sized publishers to monetize their traffic like a Big Media Company
  • 1DOC3, an e-health platform designed to offer Q&A about health and receive answers from doctors through all digital mediums such as web, mobile apps and free basics platforms in partnership with Facebook
  • WOOM, Spanish fertility app with an impact in Europe and Latin America.

The remote DemoDay was a success. So much so, that the majority of investors have already asked to contact the startups. It shows their high degree of interest in the companies of the program.TheVentureCity, founded and directed by the Miami-based Spanish Laura González-Estéfani, faces the current situation with optimism, “We believe that situations like this, although they are painful in the short term, they are healthy and they strengthen teams and society in the long term term. From TheVentureCity we live it as a marathon and not as a short-term race."

Commitment to the democratization of the entrepreneurial ecosystem

TheVentureCity lands in the European market, focused on Spain, with a startup accompaniment model exported from Silicon Valley. Its city structure allows companies to access all the branches of knowledge necessary to successfully develop their businesses. These companies can be found in different stages of growth: early-stage startups that need help and advice, high-growth companies that are raising capital, or established companies that want to adopt an innovative mindset.It has the double aspect of entrepreneurship: an accompanying Growth program for startups and a venture capital fund . “We pour all this knowledge into our Business Mindset areas, where we help companies connect with their present and future businesses through the creation of new products, services and experiences that are relevant to users. And how do we do it? Combining the levers of technology, data and growth”, explains Laura González-Estéfani, CEO and founder at TheVentureCity.More than 30 startups have graduated our Growth Program. With our first fund, we have already invested $ 40 million and have more than 60 prestigious mentors and 50 technology partners.Madrid is TheVentureCity's headquarters for EMEA and Miami for the American continent. The accelerator has an international team with extensive experience in hyper-growth of technology companies and are inspired by the need for transparency, diversity and equality in the sector.

The future after the economic slowdown caused by the Covid-19

Our investment and acceleration company defines the current situation of uncertainty through three scenarios.First, the traditional industry sector is exposed to a huge flow of layoffs worldwide. “There is a forced situation with the fact of using technology as its main resource and platform, and not as an option. Also talent, regardless of age, needs to be recycled; they can not operate in the same way as before", points out Laura Gonzalez-Estéfani.On the other hand, pre-investment companies will continue to build with limited resources and minimum viable equipment. And third, productivity will become the main mantra to take off again. Still, at TheVentureCity we firmly believe that the best founders with ambition and high execution ability, will win anyway.