Plans for after graduation? How about a vacation? Daycation does not rest


Daycation is graduating from our Miami campus, so let’s grab those beach towels and umbrellas.

Matthew Boney, Mohamed Soussi and Alex Novo have been working tirelessly for the last six months to give every client an amazing day of vacation. They are the brains behind Daycation, and today they are walking the stage as graduates from our acceleration program.

“TheVentureCity’s program has been a phenomenal experience. We have been shaped as a company and we really learned the true meaning of working for growth, with a clear model that helps make companies more scalable,” states Álex Novo.

Having access to five-star hotels in cities like Miami and New York is no longer a luxury reserved only for guests, thanks to these young entrepreneurs who have created a marketplace for reserving exclusive experiences. During their time on TheVentureCity’s campus, from which they just graduated, their main focus was on improving the user experience and locking in new hotels.

“We knew that in an early stage of the company, it’s all about growth. However, at TheVentureCity, we learned that it all starts with a focus on the product. That means analyzing, improving and constantly adjusting the user experience and platforms to achieve better results,” added Alex.

Even though they no longer form part of our acceleration program, in which 25 startups participate each year in our Miami and Madrid campuses, we’re going to keep following Daycation’s progress. Partly because they are staying in our offices! It’s always a good idea to have a recommendation on hand for a great weekend, and Alex, Mo and Matt will definitely be helping us out.

The path taken by Daycation was decidedly marked by their desire to learn, according to Ricardo Sangion, our VP of Growth Accelerator for the Americas, who has added his own know-how to their process. This was the first graduation ceremony for Sangion, a serial entrepreneur who loves the hospitality sector.

Daycation has taken full advantage of TheVentureCity’s acceleration model, which provides $100,000 USD to companies during six months of intensive work, in exchange for 6% of the company. This journey is in collaboration with TheVentureCity’s Lab and innovative business sector leaders. A model with a growth-centered global outlook.

Take Daycation’s word for it: “The resources are vast, with seemingly no end. And it’s really amazing, but it can sometimes even be a little overwhelming given that we are still just a small team. Laura and her team are the best in the business. They are fun, professional and highly motivating. They help large companies reach even higher. It’s like an MBA in building and scaling,” remarked Alex.

Since we have them here with us, one table over, we know what they’re up too. For example, that they are working to expand their client portfolio in Miami, New York and the Bahamas, and they are focused more than ever on improving the experience of guests saying “Yes” to a Daycation. They’ll also be at the Google Launchpad Startup event we are organizing this month