Pitches and Paellas: Miami we are back!

TheVentureCity: Miami campusTheVentureCity: Miami Campus


Last week, TheVentureCity opened its doors once again to welcome the Miami Tech community. With almost 40% of Floridians already vaccinated, we felt it was about time. And oh did the community show up! Founders, investors, and community members all came out to reconnect over some delicious paella and to listen to each other’s pitches with the intention of finding someone in the crowd that might be able to help. After all, that is what Miami Tech is all about, isn't it? We had a vibrant group of people, many attending an in-person event for the first time since early 2020, and were so happy to see them all filled with that enthusiasm that has become characteristic of this city and seems to be spreading, replacing another certain virus. Over some amazing paella (thanks to Gabriel!), attendees caught up with old friends, met new ones, exchanged ideas, and shared their projects to an interested and eager-to-help crowd. For a while, our small stage in Little Havana became a platform for the Miami Tech community. Global founders who left everything and chose this city to chase their dreams, others looking to expand their products to Miami, others just looking to build connections. We had an amazing time and hope everyone who attended was able to gain something from this event.

Stay tuned because more are sure to come. Oh, and did we mention the paella was really good? 🥘