Insights from Growth Scanner: Talli


A startup’s initial Growth Scan from TheVentureCity kicks off a long-term relationship between our companies centered on using data to understand what drives the business.

In the case of Talli, a US-based tracking device startup, we saw in our first Growth Scan exceptional user engagement, which had dramatically improved over time. This told us two things: (1) Talli had built something that people really needed; and (2) the Talli team was listening to its users and iterating on the product effectively.

However, the data also told us that Talli was losing most users after five or six months. Parents tracking their babies loved the product, but decided they didn’t need it after a while. Analyzing these usage patterns helped Talli develop a roadmap to build enhancements that extend the possible uses of the product to reach new markets.

Talli has also pursued a subscription revenue model for app-only users. TheVentureCity was able to help plan for this by using historical data to project potential subscription revenues. All along the way, Talli has used TheVentureCity’s live data platform to supplement its own data stack to monitor growth, cohort retention, and engagement.

With a growing data team and Growth Scanner as an essential tool in their process of looking for greater insights, Talli continues to grow.