Insights from Growth Scanner: Count


A startup’s initial Growth Scan from TheVentureCity kicks off a long-term relationship between our companies centered on using data to understand what drives the business.

In the case of Count, a UK-based data analytics startup, we saw in our first Growth Scan a strong cohort of power users in Count’s main product at that time, the Notebook. After writing our first check, the team at TheVentureCity joined forces with the Count team to analyze data and define product strategy.

When we dug into the data in more depth, we saw patterns within Count’s clients of data analysts collaborating with business stakeholders on both dashboards and ad hoc analyses. Combined with innumerable customer interviews, our analysis helped the Count team strengthen its conviction to pivot from the Notebook to the new Canvas concept because it would facilitate collaboration with data as never before.

Later, we were thrilled when Count launched the Canvas product so we could adopt it as the foundation for our Growth Scanner reports. All startups who get a Growth Scanner report receive it in the form of a Count Canvas, which facilitates a two-way conversation between us and the founding team. No other analytics tool on the market can match this level of collaboration.

With a growing data team and Growth Scanner as an essential tool in their process of looking for greater insights, Count continues to grow.