Growth Scanner: Tucuvi, making doctors' lives easier


Last month one of our data team members contracted COVID-19 😷. He received a phone call from the health authorities triggered by his positive test. They asked a few questions to check the severity of his case, gave some recommendations, and promised to call back every second day. But he never heard back from them! When you look at the numbers from Spain in July, it’s not surprising why. At 17k cases per day and at approximately two minutes per call, the authorities would have had to spend 4,000+ hours per day calling and recalling COVID patients.

Fortunately, we have Tucuvi to solve this problem. They are a First Ticket startup currently working with us on product-led growth. Their goal is to help doctors monitor their patients automatically with an AI called Lola. “She” calls patients on a regular basis and asks questions the doctor has set depending on their illness.

Over seven weeks in May and June 2021, Tucuvi made Lola available to an initial group of doctors’ offices to handle their outbound wellness check calls. The chart below shows the number of calls made each week by these offices during those weeks and afterwards.

The colors represent the following:

  • New (light green) = calls by doctors that are using Lola for the first time in that week
  • Retained (blue) = calls by doctors that made an equal number of calls using Lola during the previous week
  • Resurrect (medium green) = calls by previously onboarded doctors that came back to use Lola after not using it during the previous week
  • Expansion = calls by Retained doctors that exceed their total from last month

From this chart, we can see that some of the doctors started in the first week (light green) and then greatly expanded their usage in Week 2 (dark green), when a few more new doctors came onboard. Some more doctors onboarded in Week 4 (more light green), pushing the total calls higher, and those doctors expanded their usage in Week 5 (more dark green). Since then, usage has plateaued in a healthy way, with high levels of Retained calls (blue).

The doctors seem to have settled–at least for now–on the number of calls that they want to send via Lola, and they continue to send them week after week. Lola’s initial user base is proving to be sticky, which bodes well for Tucuvi’s upcoming efforts to expand Lola’s footprint to more doctors’ offices. Just think of all the time Lola will save!

Tucuvi’s analysis is a great example of the output a startup can obtain by using our Growth Scanner Tool. It is open to any company that wants to transform its data into reports on product health, growth prospects, where to focus time and resources, and performance benchmarking. Don’t worry about the privacy of the data, it is completely anonymized and treated under confidential agreement 🤐. And of course, we’ve shared the above data with Tucuvi’s permission!