Founder Spotlight: Coachbetter


The best day is watching RealMadrid play.

Empowering coaches with technology

Coachbetter helps football coaches (Americans read: soccer) save time, improve training and team management, and make game prep easy. This by moving from pen and paper to the Coachbetter platform. 

Patrick Patzig, CEO of Coachbetter, an ex FIFA employee and footballer, started coaching and did not have the tools needed. When he tried to build a training session, he was lost, and frustrated that no quality resources existed. Years of playing the sport did not create an instinctive sense for coaching. He was not alone.

See more on Patrick’s vision in the video statement here

Zoom in on product features

Coachbetter helps coaches seamlessly develop a training strategy from a pool of 250+ proven activities. Coaches test and learn what works, constantly iterating using player feedback. This helps globally disparate federations standardize and unlock synergies, collectively pushing each other forward. Beyond innovative session planning, team management is a new feature to the industry. Coaches can communicate with their team, confirm attendance, and log player performance insights in one tool. Video analysis tools augment education and document players' entire football journey, a feature parents in particular are begging for. 

The goal is simple, to help coaches at any level unleash their team’s full potential. In line with that ethos, they have democratized access by giving training tools and team management for free. Paid plans offer game day preparation, premium training packages, video and data insights, and more.

Coaches love it!

Since January, Coachbetter’s average monthly active users have increased 16x. 

Luis Mendoza, Technical Director of Weston FC, says, “Coachbetter’s technology will take us to the next level, and it is the only way to compete against the top clubs.” Read more: Weston FC case study

ChristianDiercks, Head of BVB Evonik believes that coaches are the secret sauce. “The key to the success of our academy are our coaches. Due to Covid-19, we were forced to switch to digital solutions faster than planned. By working with Coachbetter, we ensured the best possible education and development for our coaches.” 

Borussia Dortmund implemented a global learning and training platform for all partner clubs and youth programs across 16 countries via Coachbetter. Read more: Dortmund’s BVB Evonik Football Academy.

What’s next for Coachbetter

Expansion: Watch out USA! Doubling down on business development in the US, a market flush with nascent soccer obsession after recently signed HUDL partnership.

Team: Hire key roles across the organization. Join them!